International Strategy

One of EVOLEN’s strategic priorities, designed to support its member companies, is its international business development initiatives.

These encompass two types of collective events: technical and trade missions in target countries and the establishment of the French Pavilion at exhibitions focusing on value chains within the energy sector.

Another tool available to members is the MyEnergyLink platform, facilitating the creation of export partnerships.

EVOLEN also occasionally participates independently in international meetings or regional forums to showcase French expertise in the energy value chain.

Furthermore, EVOLEN responds directly to consultations initiated by French or foreign government ministries on topics within its field of expertise.

Since December 1st, 2021, under the Contrat Stratégique de Filière -CSF des industriels de la mer- (part of a French government initiative relating to maritime industries), EVOLEN has partnered with GICAN (the French maritime industry association), sending two people to Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi through the International Internship Program (VIE). Their role is to actively monitor industrial sectors in their respective regions and provide support to EVOLEN member companies as needed.

Some initiatives are sometimes open to sector entities even if they are not members of the association.

The international team:
Gaétan Mandagot :
Yassmine Ouakhkha :
Yahn André :