EVOLEN magazine: The energy review

EVOLEN Magazine is the magazine for energy professionals.

Every quarter, find the latest news on energy, the most recent innovations, market trends and the key challenges faced by the energy industry.

The EVOLEN editorial board reports on the most important conferences in our sector and pens in-depth articles on technical and scientific topics as they relate to our industry.

Exclusive reports, investigations, and major interviews feature in each issue of EVOLEN Magazine. It’s divided into several sections, from news, economics and market developments to innovation, technology and human resources.

EVOLEN editorial board

Jean-Marie Botte, Abdelkader Chaouch, Nicolas Darbois, Jean German,
Dominique Laurier, André Madec, Jean Marvillet, Jean-François Saint-Marcoux,
Alain Salomon, Gilles Susbielles, Bruno Wiltz.

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