Corporate governance

Composition of the executive board:

EVOLEN chairman – Jean Cahuzac 

The board helps the chairman and the senior management team develop corporate strategies and key courses of action and prepares the work of the board of directors.

Jean Cahuzac 

Francis Parmentier 

Catherine Rivière 

Jean-Jacques Lestrade 

Olivier Peyret

Alain Poincheval 

Sébastien Rouyer

Cécile Pabian-Goyhenechebian-Goyheneche-GoyhenecheCécile Pabian-GoyhenecheCécile Pabian-GoyhenecheCécile Pabian-Goyheneche

EVOLEN – Chairman





Technip Energies


EVOLEN’s board of directors is composed of representatives from three groups. Groups 1 and 2 represent legal entities, while group 3 represents individuals.

Following the elections of June 29, 2022, the composition of the board of directors is as follows:


Company / Representative  

ENGIE,  Audrey Quehen 

Entrepose, Jacquelin de La Porte des Vaux 

IFPEN, Catherine Rivière 

IFPEN, Jean-Christophe Flèche 

Saipem, Carine Tramier 

SLB, Olivier Peyret 

Subsea7, Joseph Leroy 

Technip Energies,   Alain Poincheva

TotalEnergies, Sébastien Rouyer 

TotalEnergies, Rémi Bourgeois  


Company / Representative      

AI Group, Francesco Dartizio

CIS, Florence Arnoux

Easy Skill, Jonathan Martine

Eiffage Métal, Arnaud de Villepin

Groupe ADF, Magali Hubo

Groupe Courbis, Florence Ronat 

Incitius, Laurent D’Amico

Ponticelli Frères, Thierry Le Gangneux

Principia, Thibault Trancart

SpieCapag, Bruno Pomaré

SNECI, Isabelle Bailly

Spie Oil & Gas Services, Christophe Bernhart

GROUP 3    


Stéphane Bogoratz

Jean-Claude Choux

Yann Lepoutre

Wilfrid Merlin

Cécile Pabian-Goyheneche

Philippe Perreau 

The general assembly consists of individual members and members that are legal entities pursuant to Article 6 of the association’s statutes. They must be up to date with their membership subscription payments as of at least four weeks before the assembly date. The general assembly is divided into three groups:

Group 1, which includes legal entities whose contributions exceed a certain threshold defined by the board of directors.

Group 2, which includes other legal entity members.

Group 3, corresponding to individual members.

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