Helping you find the right job

Join EVOLEN and benefit from the ASPIRE project, which aims to help individuals find the right job for them. It works alongside existing initiatives (state-run initiatives or those implemented by companies during the process of downsizing). ASPIRE provides additional individual support through a mentoring system.

How to become an Aspirant

ASPIRE members benefit from:

Assistance in looking for work and connecting with professional networks:

– Access to useful job search information such as job listings.

– Your resume being shared with members of our human resources committee composed of HR directors from our industry.

– Guidance from a mentor who provides assistance and advice in the job search process.

Your mentors can call on a network of experienced HR professionals to help you in your job search.

Access to training programmes designed to help you in your job search.

How can I become an ASPIRE mentor?

As part of the mentoring system established to support ASPIRE members, we are looking for volunteer mentors.*

* To be selected as an ASPIRE Mentor, you must be an individual member of the EVOLEN association. The ASPIRE Mentor will be exempt from paying the annual membership fee for the duration of their mentoring mission.