Our Cocktail

Cocktail Event
Wednesday, July 3, 2024

As every year, EVOLEN organizes a cocktail event in a prestigious venue, providing you with the opportunity to reconnect and expand your network.

Since 2023, the cocktail has been held at the Pavillons des Etangs, allowing us to offer a conference before the cocktail.

Similarly to 2023, we offer a cocktail format to facilitate networking and enable you to interact with as many participants as possible.

Each year, this cocktail event brings together 400 participants, all key players in the energy sector! 

Registration contact: Eliane Moradel

e.moradel@evolen.org – +331 47 17 67 32

You can become a privileged partner of this cocktail.

Sponsoring contact: Anne-Laure Gorge

a-l.gorge@evolen.org – +336 45 12 62 12