Sustainable Ways to Produce Hydrogen

Sustainable Ways to Produce Hydrogen

EAGE Local Chapter Paris and low-carbon hydrogen comity of EVOLEN are delighted to invite you to an exceptional event on sustainable ways to produce hydrogen. Join us to explore how hydrogen can become the ideal energy solution with its various production sources and significant potential for reducing carbon emissions.

Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Time: 6:30 PM


• Isabelle Betremieux – TotalEnergies hydrogen R&D program manager

• Olivier Sissmann – Research Scientist in Geochemistry at IFPEN

• Yessine Boubaker – Senior Geophysicist at H2AU

• Thibault de Sorbier – Electrolyzer Group Expert at Rely

• Nicolas Ferrando (IFPEN) & Pierre-Charles Hirson (EVOLEN) – moderators

Event Agenda

1. During this event, I. Betremieux from TotalEnergies will introduce us to « TotalEnergies Ambition & Activities in low carbon hydrogen ». Her presentation will cover green hydrogen production. Green hydrogen is produced using an electrolysis reaction in which water is split into its components – hydrogen and oxygen, emitting zero emissions.

2. Thibault de Sorbier from Rely, Electrolyser expert, will give us more information about differents electrolysis technologies

3. Furthermore, O. Sissmann (IFPEN) and Y. Boubaker (H2AU) will discuss naturally occurring hydrogen or so called white hydrogen. White hydrogen can be found in the underground deposits and hydrogen seeps, and extracted via fracking. The extraction and utilization of white hydrogen typically involve minimal carbon emissions, making it an attractive option for reducing the carbon footprint of hydrogen production.

4. O. Sissmann (IFPEN) and Y. Boubaker (H2AU) will explain the current technological challenges for detecting and extracting white hydrogen: efficient and cost-effective extraction methods need to be developed. As well as comprehensive geological surveys and studies are required to accurately map and estimate the global reserves of natural hydrogen.

In near future, some of the ways to produce hydrogen might fade in importance, some might burn brighter.

Why Attend?

• Engage with industry experts on the latest technological advancements and challenges in sustainable hydrogen production.

• Discover innovations shaping the future of clean energy.

• Participate in an interactive discussion and share your views on the best paths forward for hydrogen production.

You can register to attend the event in-person or online through the links below:

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Registration to attend the event Online

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mercredi 19 juin 2024



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