A New Workflow for Estimating Bit Wear and Monitoring Drilling Efficiency in Real Time During Drilling Operations


Lieu : Auditorium Total, Tour Michelet, 24 Cours Michelet, La Défense

Organisateur : SPE France

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Mercredi 11 avril 2018 à 16h30

Auditorium Total, Tour Michelet, 24 Cours Michelet, La Défense

Conférencier : Ekaterina Millan, Schlumberger


Every time when the rate of penetration starts dropping the decision to pull-out or not to pull-out should be taken. New workflow for monitoring drilling efficiency in real time during drilling operations, based on a bit-rock interaction model, provides parameter estimations, such as bit wear and in-situ rock strength, obtained from typical real-time drilling measurements. The model can be used to predict rate of penetration (ROP) ahead of the bit, optimize drilling operating parameters, and determine the potential benefits of tripping out to change the bit.


Ekaterina Millan is Interpretation Development Engineer at Schlumberger, Drilling and Measurements. She is currently involved in development of new smart algorithms that interpret real-time measurements and provide actionable information for users to improve drilling performance and control risks in real-time. The focus is on development of automated workflows for monitoring and optimizing drilling efficiency and drillstring dynamics including the application of innovative technology like cloud, data analytics, machine learning and data visualization. Previously she received Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics from the Pierre and Marie Curie University and IFP -Energies nouvelles, France. She holds a master's degree in Advanced structural mechanics from Ecole Polytechnique, France.

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