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ACTEMIUM (VINCI Energies Oil & Gas)
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Actemium 's offering covers all O&G production facilities lifecycle with the objective and capacity to improve the industrial performance of customer's sites. Thanks to its network,

Actemium can design both local and global solutions which match the new and specific expectations of O&G industry. Actemium provides dedicated and/or comprehensive solutions in electrical, instrumentation and process automation for Oil and Gas industries, covering onshore and offshore production, related utilities and processes units and the transportation and storage facilities.

Actemium provides also Services as:

General Commissioning solution from engineering to execution,
Maintenance engineering & General maintenance,
Training for Operation and Maintenance
Operator Technical Assistance

AAxians provides dedicated and comprehensive telecommunication and ICT solutions for Oil and Gas industries, covering onshore and offshore sites.
Axians intervenes on missions as consultants or on projects of:

Integrity & Security of Industrial Networks
Telecom including Private 4G/5G network
Digital Workspace

Actemium is a brand of VINCI Energies , established in 40 countries worldwide.

L'offre d' Actemium couvre l'ensemble du cycle de vie des unités de production O&G, dans un objectif de performance industrielle. Grâce à l'exceptionnel réseau de ses 300 entreprises réparties dans 40 pays, Actemium propose des solutions à la fois globales et locales Actemium exerce ses métiers et fournit des solutions complètes dans les métiers de l'énergies, de l'instrumentation et du contrôle commande et des systèmes de sécurité pour les industries pétrolière et gazière, couvrant la production onshore et offshore, les unités de production et les installations de transport et de stockage. Actemium fournit également des services : Commissioning à de l'ingénierie à l'exécution, Ingénierie de maintenance et maintenance générale, Formation d'opérateur d'exploitation et de maintenance, Assistance technique.

Actemium est une marque de VINCI Energies , établi dans 40 pays à travers le monde.
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