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Located in Dunkirk in Northern France, ENTREPOSE INDUSTRIES has been offering its expertise since 1967 in heavy boilerworks for oil & gas industry and renewable marine energies. ENTREPOSE INDUSTRIES is your adequate partner for thick and large metal structures. Using all major international manufacturing codes and specific customers' requirements, ENTREPOSE INDUSTRIES is able to design, supply and manufacture all types of storage tanks, bullets, spheres, pressure vessels and offshore components (suction piles, MAG anchors, riser caissons). ENTREPOSE INDUSTRIES is used to work with various material grades, ranging from classical stainless or carbon steels to CrMo, 9% Ni, HIC, cladded or duplex steels and whatever the specificity of your project ENTREPOSE INDUSTRIES will be able to handle it. ENTREPOSE INDUSTRIES yard is 90,000 m² with 24,000 m² sheltered and its equipment includes 230t lifting facilities with 14m under hook, 3 rolling machines, 2 cutting machines, 3 bevelling machines, 2 presses (up to 2000t). ENTREPOSE INDUSTRIES has also facilities for heat treatment (modular furnace up to 54m long) and for anticorrosion paint application (workshop 64m long). ENTREPOSE INDUSTRIES is ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, holds ASME U, U2, R and S certifications and has its own qualified QC team (level I, II and III) for NDT (PT, MT, UT, TOFD, RT). Therefore ENTREPOSE INDUSTRIES can meet customers' stringent requirements and provide them with flexibility and quality while keeping tight delivery schedules.

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