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BT2i – Business & Technology Intelligence for Innovation
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BT2i was founded in 2015 by Marc-Henri MENARD, former co-founder of Innovation 128 in 1979. BT2i, Business and Technology Intelligence for Innovation, is formed with a team of 60+ Techno Marketing consultants, Sr Advisors, experts and international correspondents who have a 30 year-experience of producing together added value services in Innovation Management. BT2i have an operational correspondent network in major regions: Boston, Brussels, Kyiv, Moscow, Riga, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Utrecht, St Petersburgh, San Diego. BT2i's Practices are: > Advanced Materials & Processes > Eco-Innovation - Energies > Factory X.0 BT2i runs 6 activities, 8 methodologies and brands: InnoGetFinder&trade, & TechWatch &trade, : Single-client Innovation Watches & International States of the Art IDWatch&trade, : Technology Watch & Ideation Lab2Market&trade, & TechTrade&trade, : Technological Assets Commercialization and International Technology Transfers InnoMarketSurvey&trade, : Technology-intensive international Market surveys BT2i Academy&trade, : Training for Innovation Mangement Best Practices TWatch&trade, : Multi-client Technology Intelligence Programs - Advanced NDT - Surface Engineering - Additive Manufacturing - Multi-Material Joining - Multi Functional Materials - Greener Plastics - CCUS
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