All you wanted to know about reserves... without ever daring to ask


Location: IFPEN – Rueil Malmaison

Organizer: SPE France

Dans le cadre du partenariat entre la SPE France et EVOLEN, EVOLEN a le plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence organisée (en anglais) par la SPE France

Mardi 22 janvier 2019 à 16h30


After a short introduction on the importance and usefulness of petroleum reserves (and resources) for our industry Bernard Seiller will come back to their respective definitions and links with corporate decision-making processes.
Bernard Seiller will also explain the importance of the framework of the "Petroleum Resource Management System" (PRMS) of the SPE.
PRMS's main evolutions between its 2007 version and the new 2018 version will also be discussed, while the lecture will end with an opening to the overall world of energy, beyond Oil and Gas.


 Bernard Seiller joined Elf Aquitaine (subsequently part of Total) as a reservoir engineer in 1979. He then held positions of increasing responsibility in reservoir engineering in Gabon, Houston (also providing economics), London and finally in Pau (France).
From 1998 to early 2009, he leveraged his geoscience and reserves expertise in several technical managerial positions at Total E&P headquarters – in addition to the responsibility of Reserves Manager.
Bernard has been VP Reserves for Total SA until February 2017, after having been VP R&D for Total E&P between 2009 and summer 2011.
He is Senior Fellow Reserves for Total since December 2015.
In 2001-2005, Bernard Seiller served on the Oil and Gas Reserves Committee of the SPE of which he was nominated Chairman in 2003. He served again as a member of the OGRC between 2006 and 2009. Bernard was a member of the SPE R&D Advisory Committee of the SPE between 2009 and 2011.
He serves again at the SPE OGRC since October 2013, was the Chair from September 2015 to September 2018 and serves now as past Chair.

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