The aims of the EVOLEN association are to promote across the world French technological and industrial excellence in oil & gas and to foster the international deployment of its corporate members. EVOLEN is a network of nearly 1,300 members – 210 companies and 1,100 oil professionals – whose expertise covers the entire oil & gas sector.
EVOLEN’s other aim is to disseminate scientific and technical knowledge among its individual members and to foster the development of inter-professional networks.

The benefits of membership of EVOLEN

  • Membership of a network formed by the oil & gas industry community will help you to multiply your contacts and opportunities to form partnerships through EVOLEN’s truly international network.
  • You regularly receive news and information on global markets.
  • You receive a monthly magazine containing appropriate and targeted information as well as a bimonthly magazine published in partnership with Infopro Digital, a media group.
  • You can attend conferences on technical and economic topics.
  • You can exchange your knowledge with that of other experts and professionals.
  • You can meet EVOLEN experts for advice, information and contacts.
  • Real time monitoring of the latest news on standardisation and certification.
  • By attending EVOLEN club meetings, you can meet employees of engineering companies and major international contractors and learn how to work with them.
  • You can invite your customers to GEP’s annual cocktail and dinner party (in June).
  • You can benefit from EVOLEN’s logistical and technical support at major international trade fairs.
  • You can present your technologies and products at French technical seminars organised outside France.
  • You can meet members of French economic missions abroad.
  • You can participate in tailor-made sessions organised at the request of certain members.
  • You can be registered on the EVOLEN website, which provides a wealth of information and useful links and features an extranet reserved for members.
  • For your dealings with French government authorities or the European Commission, you can be represented by EUROGIF, an association.

Who may become a member of EVOLEN?

EVOLEN welcomes as members operators, service companies, engineering businesses, general contractors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers who do a significant amount of business in France or the European community.

EVOLEN also accepts chambers of commerce, research institutes or associations that work in the energy and related sectors. Their applications for membership are submitted to the board of directors for approval.

How to apply for membership of EVOLEN

If you are interested, you may contact Sylvie Le Brun on +33 1 47 17 68 67
or by e-mail at:

Becoming a member of EVOLEN

Membership fees are based on several variables, including revenues generated in oil & gas, the number of employees and, in the first year, the date on which you become a member.



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