The Culzean Field: The Successful Execution of an HP/HT Mega Project


Lieu : Schlumberger, le Palatin, La Défense

Organisateur : SPE France

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Mardi 25 février 2020 à 16h30

Elle se tiendra chez

Le Palatin – La Défense

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Cette conférence sera présentée par Stuart McAuley, Total


With pressures of over 950 bar and temperatures up to 175 degC in a reservoir 5km below the North Sea the Culzean field presented significant technical challenges. Add to that the inherent complexity of developing a world scale mega project during one of the worst downturns the industry has faced, the challenge facing the project team and the supply chain was daunting. First oil, however, was achieved during June 2019, under 4 years from FID and ahead of the target date set at sanction, all at a cost below that committed. An open and collaborative approach with key stakeholders was adopted from the start and short lines of communication and quick decision making were key. On top of this, the adherence to quality, pre-qualification and good design ensured minimal rework.

This presentation outlines some of these key factors that helped maintain both managing cost and schedule without impacting technical standards and quality. It also touches on some of the key technical challenges a reservoir such as Culzean presents and how these were tackled across subsurface, drilling and facilities teams.


Stuart McAuley was Total’s Engineering Manager, and subsequently Facilities Manager for the Culzean field development from FEED through to 1st gas. Stuart has over 25 years’ experience in the upstream industry and has been involved through the full range of project life cycle, from exploration support to detailed design, construction and start up, Indeed, Stuart was involved in the original Culzean exploration well drilled in 2008 and helped develop the initial appraisal strategy for the field before leaving and then returning to the project at the beginning of FEED. Stuart has been involved in HP/HT field development for almost 20 years and was able to bring much of this previous practical experience to the Culzean project.

À l’issue de cette conférence, un cocktail sera offert aux participants.

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