Toolkit for Making Better Decisions when Faced with Ethical Dilemmas


Lieu : Total - Tour Coupole - 2 Place Jean Millier - Paris la Défense

Organisateur : SPE France

Dans le cadre du partenariat entre la SPE France et EVOLEN, la SPE a le plaisir de vous convier à cette conférence débat, qui aura lieu le

Mercredi 4 décembre 2019 à 16h30

Elle se tiendra chez

Total - Tour Coupole - 2 Place Jean Millier - Paris la Défense

La conférence débutera par une courte cérémonie de remise d’awards


This Lecture is designed to raise ethical awareness and to develop insights in SPE members into the significance of the preamble and the twelve canons in SPE’s Code of Conduct. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility is paramount to every SPE member working in the petroleum industry. However, the ethical dilemmas members experience while progressing through their career stages can vary in nature and complexity, spanning a broad spectrum from issues for students, for individual contributors or issues encountered at managerial and executive level positions. Common ethical issues include expert witness testimony, employment, competitive bidding, confidentiality, conflict of interest, copyrights, intellectual property, data selection and management, operating standards, regulations, reserves booking, third party opinions, corruption, plagiarism, and citations of others’ work. Ethical behavior is required to manage professional relationships with stakeholders including contractors, vendors, partners, land owners, competitors, governments, regulatory agencies, employees, management and coworkers. Members will take away from this Lecture a toolkit to enable them to make better decisions when faced with an ethical dilemma.


 Susan Howes, PE, PHR, is Vice President of Engineering at Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC, where she maintains technical quality standards for consultancy, recruitment and training services. Howes began her career with Anadarko, with engineering positions of increasing responsibility in Denver and Houston. In 2007, she joined Chevron as Horizons Program Manager and later moved into Reservoir Management. Howes has coauthored articles on ethics, uncertainty management, risk management, and talent. She serves on the SPE US Advisory Council, is a recipient of the SPE DeGolyer Distinguished Service Medal and is an SPE Honorary Member. Howes holds a BS degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas

A l’issue de cette conférence, un cocktail sera offert aux participants

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