Oil & Gas: a Leading Industry in Understanding and Managing “Noise” issues


Lieu : TechnipFMC - Tour Adria - La Défense

Organisateur : SPE France

Dans le cadre du partenariat entre la SPE France et EVOLEN, EVOLEN a le plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence organisée par la SPE France

Jeudi 6 décembre 2018 à 16h00


  • Isabelle LAMBERT - CGG
  • Kirsty SPEIRS -  TOTAL
  • Bruno CRIVELLI - TechnipFMC
  • Jean-François SIGRIST - DGA


Cet événement nous donnera une vue globale et détaillé de la gestion du bruit dans l’industrie Oil & Gas offshore, quatre présentations de 20 minutes (en français et en anglais) seront données :

  • Isabelle LAMBERT (CGG): Underwater sound: maintaining a geophysical operator’s license to operate.

Marine geophysical data acquisition uses sound waves to image the subsurface. Such underwater sound has the potential to disturb marine life and other ocean users. CGG addresses this broader social license to operate issue by engaging with stakeholders, seeking to bridge scientific knowledge gaps and developing new technologies to emit sound waves and monitor its effects.

  • Kirsty SPEIRS (TOTAL): Sound & Marine Life Research: An Introduction to the E&P Sound & Marine Life Joint Industry Program.

The impact of sound on marine life is one of the most relevant environmental issues for the Exploration & Production industry today, resulting in a significant business impact. Over recent years, there has been an expansion in regulatory and societal focus regarding to sound sources, species of concern and categories of impacts of marine sound. The E&P industry has been playing a pro-active role in managing this issue, primarily through the establishment of the E&P Sound & Marine Life Joint Industry Program (SML JIP). This presentation provides an overview of the SML JIP and its significant contribution towards improving scientific understanding of the impacts of sound on marine life.

  • Bruno CRIVELLI (TechnipFMC): Structure borne noise and PA/GA intelligibility problematics on Oil and Gas projects.

This presentation will be divided in 2 different topics. The first one aims to introduce the notion of structure borne noise and to understand the phenomenon and in which case it shall be considered but also how to deal with this potential issue on oil and gas project.
The second topic aims to understand the difficulty to consider intelligibility in Public Address and General Alarms studies by knowing the main acoustic parameters that influences the results but also by knowing the external parameters that shall be taken into account to ensure a safe noise coverage.

  • Jean-François SIGRIST (DGA): Vibro-acoustic simulation of marine platforms: example and challenges.

Assessing the vibro-acoustic behaviour of marine platform is of paramount importance in naval and civil shipbuilding, as well as marine energy systems. Numerical simulations provide engineers with meaningful data to tackle issues, ranging from submarine stealth to acoustic comfort or environmental impacts. Applications and challenges of numerical simulation techniques are discussed, highlighting some issues. Examples are borrowed from maritime industry and illustrates the variety of usages and practice for vitro-acoustic simulations.


 Isabelle LAMBERT, Vice President of Environment & Sustainable Development at CGG since 2011, has been serving the energy industry as a sustainability professional for over 15 years. Isabelle started her career at TotalFinaElf as environmental analyst with research on climate change and biodiversity. She then joined the World Environment Center (WEC), a Washington‐DC based NGO, as Director of Capacity Building, fostering green supply chains in emerging countries. Isabelle holds a Master of Research in international relations from Sciences‐Po Paris and MGIMO Moscow, and completed her education in environmental science and economics at Augsburg University, Germany.

 Kirsty SPEIRS, Head of Sustainable Development Research at TOTAL E&P Research & Technology USA has over 15 years’ experience as an HSE professional. She started her career as a consultant before joining TOTAL in 2006 where she has worked in a number of positions, including operational HSE in the UK then as Environmental Projects Engineer at HQ in Paris. In 2014 Kirsty transferred to the USA research company where she has core responsibility for research in the area of Sound & Marine Life. She holds a BSc (hons) in Marine Biology from Heriot-Watt University, an MSc in Offshore Marine Technology from University of Strathclyde and is the current chair of the E&P Sound & Marine Life Joint Industry Program Technical Management Committee.

 Bruno CRIVELLI, acoustic lead for TechnipFMC onshore and offshore projects is an 11 years experienced engineer in the acoustic and vibration disciplines. The first 2.5 years have been spent in specialized acoustic and vibration engineering offices working on environmental, architectural and industrial (including oil and gas) vibration and acoustics problematics. The following 8.5 years have been spent working on Technip France Petrochemical and Oil and Gas projects. During the last 4.5 years Bruno Crivelli has been Lead acoustic engineer with full responsibility of the Noise and Vibration activities (related to HSE) on Martin Linge Platform and Coral FLNG. The activities, he worked on, include noise and vibration study development and follow up but also attendance to equipment noise and vibration Factory Acceptance Tests and onshore commissioning. Bruno Crivelli is graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Ingénieur du Mans option acoustic and vibration.

 Over the past twenty years, Jean-François SIGRIST has contributed to the development and validation of numerical techniques with applications to naval shipbuilding and marine energies. He graduated from ENSTA Paris in 1996 and subsequently obtained a MD (2001) and PhD (2004) in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Nantes. He also holds an accreditation to supervise research since 2008 and has supervised many master and doctoral students with Naval Group and Université de La Rochelle, Nantes and Ecole Centrale de Nantes.
He has been a mechanical engineer and a research engineer in mechanical engineering with Naval Group from 2000 to 2009. In 2008, he received the Emile GIRARDEAU Award from French Marine Academy and an ASME award for outstanding paper in the 2007 PVP Conference. In 2010, he contributed to the creation of Naval Group R&D Center and has been the head of the Structural Analysis Department, which developed various simulation methods geared to naval applications. In 2016, the team was awarded the CEMT Award for outstanding contribution to the maritime industry. He has also authored some 35 research papers in international journals and 75 communication in conferences, three books on Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) and Numerical simulations.

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