Conférence – Table Ronde : Digital in the Oil and Gas : From Buzzwords to in-Field Applications


Lieu : IFP Energies Nouvelles - 1 et 4 Avenue de Bois Préau - Rueil Malmaison

Organisateur : SPE France

Dans le cadre du partenariat entre la SPE France et EVOLEN, EVOLEN a le plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence organisée par la SPE France

Jeudi 7 juin 2018 de 16h00 à 19h00

1 et 4 Avenue de Bois Préau - Rueil Malmaison

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Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Blockchain, IoT and Big Data are some of the terms we see or hear in our day-to-day life, hence we think immediately about them when someone talks about Digital. However, beyond knowing the basics of these technologies, many among us don’t fully understand how they are being implemented, what needs to be changed in the way we work today in order to get the most of them in our businesses and/or what disruptions in business models these technologies may be bringing.
The purpose of this conference is to provide the audience with concrete examples of how Digital technologies are being implemented in the Oil and Gas industry, identify common traps in the digital transformation of our businesses and an outlook of changes coming in the next decade.


Four panelists will be moderated by Jean Cristofari, CEO & co Founder of Spinergie.
The below topics will be addressed:

  • Digital transformation promises and traps by Alberto Echeverri, VP Global Accounts – BHGE Digital
  • Digital Transformation of E&P – what are we talking about?” by Yves le Stunff, Digital Officer Subsurface, Total E&P
  • The Promise of Digital for Oil and Gas by Keith Tushingham - Technical Marketing Director Schlumberger
  • Lessons learned from business transformation cases and application to the Oil & Gas industry
    by Philippe Audrain, Business Development and Consultant Director, Energy Process & Utilities, Dassault System

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A l’issue de cette conférence, un cocktail sera offert aux participants

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